Item of the Day: Blunt’s Stranger’s Guide to the City of New-York, 1817

Full Title:

Blunt’s Stranger’s Guide to the City of New-York. Comprising a description of public buildings, dwelling houses, including population, streets, markets, public amusements, the bay, harbour, docks, slips, forts and fortifications: –with an account of the literary, philosophical, medical, law, religious, and benevolent institutions, commercial establishments, manufactures, &c To which is prefixed, an historical sketch, general description, plan and extent of the City. With an appendix, containing the time of sailing, and departure of steam-boats, stages, &c. with the fares: rates and regulations of hackney coaches, carters, porters, chimney-sweepers, weigh-masters and measurers; market regulations, assize of bread, money tables, corporation laws and ordinances, inspectors of native produce, masters and wardens of the port, pilots, slave regulations, &c. &c. Embellished with a plan of the city, and engravings of public buildings.

Written by Edmund M. Blunt (1770-1862). Includes folding map, “Plan of the city of New York and the Island as laid out by the commissioners altered and arranged to the present time,” and 3 plates drawn by C.A. Busby, engraved by W. Hooker. Published by A.T. Goodrich in 1817. Engraved by J.F. Morin.


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