Item of the Day: Map of Pozzoli (1708)

Click the map to enlarge.

Hic Jacent Puteolorum Bajarum, Miseni Cumarium, Rudera vix dignoscenda Imperiosa Fortvnæ Levitas, Sacra Profanis impic miscens, Delubra Numinum. Principumque Domas, Statuas, Astria, Sepulchra, Ciros Arcus Theatra Thermas Lucos, Vireta, Regina quondam Italiæ, Decus Deliciasque Nefande perdidit. Neque (Ferox) ipsis Elysorum Beatis Sedibus indulsit… The present Map of this most Curious and renowned Tract of Land has been sent from Naples to London by M. Bulifon in 1708 as being newly corrected by himself…


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