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Items of the Day: Financial Documents

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Exchange for £.150 Sterling. Thirty days after Sight of this my Third Exchange, First & second of the same Tenor and Date not paid, please pay to Mr. Samuel White or Order, One hundred and fifty pounds Sterling, Value received, and charge the same with or without further Advice to Account of…

Sight draft dated June 28, 1773 for one hundred fifty pounds sterling to the order of Samuel White drawn by a Boston merchant and payable at the London office of his banker. Such sight drafts were drawn in multiple numbered copies to protect against loss at sea. Signed by Jon Mason.

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Eighteen pence currency. No. 9697. This Bill shall pass current for One Shilling and Six Pence, according to an Act of General Assembly of the Common-Wealth of Pennsylvania, passed the Twentieth Day of March, in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-seven. Dated the Tenth of April, A.D. 1777. “To Counterfeit is Death.”

Paper currency. Signature of J. Davidson in red. Verso has illustration of farm. Printed in Philadelphia by John Dunlap for the Common-Wealth of Pennsylvania, 1777.


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