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Item of the Day: Mather’s Magnalia Christi Americana (1702)

Full Title Page:

Magnalia Christi Americana:


Ecclesiastical History




Its first planting in the year, 1620. unto the Year

of our Lord, 1698.


In Seven BOOKS.


I. Antiquities: In Seven Chapters. With an Appendix.

II. Containing the Lives of the Governours, and Names of the Magistrates of New-England: In Thirteen Chapters. With an Appendix.

III. The Lives of Sixty Famous Divines, by whose Ministry the Churches of New-England have been Planted and Continued.

IV. An Account of the University of Cambridge in New-England; in Two Parts. The first contains the Laws, the Benefactors, and Vicissitudes of Harvard College; with Remarks upon it. The Second Part contains the Lives of some Eminent Persons Educated in it.

V. Acts and Monuments of the Faith and Order in the Churches of New-England, passed in their Synods; with Historical Remarks upon those Venerable Assemblies; and a great Variety of Church-Cases occurring, and resolved by the Synods of those Churches: In Four Parts.

VI. A Faithful Record of many Illustrious, Wonderful Providences, both of Mercies and Judgments, on divers Persons in New-England: In Eight Chapters.

VII. The Wars of the Lord. Being an History of the Manifold Afflictions and Disturbances of the Churches in New-England, from their Various Adversaries, and the Wonderful Methods and Mercies of God in their Deliverance: In Six Chapters: To which is subjoined, An Appendix of Remarkable Occurrences which New-England had in the Wars with the Indian Salvages, from the Year 1688, to the Year 1698.


By the Reverend and Learned COTTON MATHER, M. A.

And Pastor of the North Church in Boston, New-England.



Printed for Thomas Parkhurst, at the Bible and Three

Crowns in Cheapside. MDCCII.

Written by Cotton Mather. Includes “An Attestation to this Church-History of New-England”; epigramma and prefatory poems by John Higginson, Henricus Selijns, Nicholas Noyes, B. Thompson, Timothy Woodbridge, J. Danforth, and Grindal Rawson; “A General Introduction”; contents, “An Exact Mapp of New-England and New-York”; and all seven volumes bound together. London, 1702.


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