Item of the Day: Colden’s Five Indian Nations (1755)

Full Title Page:



of the



C A N A D A,

Which are dependent

On the Province of NEW-YORK in AMERICA,


Are the Barrier between the ENGLISH and the FRENCH

in that Part of the World.


Particular Accounts of their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, and Forms of Government; their several Battles and Treaties with the European Nations. Their Wars with the other Indians; and a true Account of the present State of our Trade with them.

In which are shewn,

The great Advantage of their Trade and Alliance to the British Nation, and the Intrugues and Attempts of the French to engage them from us; a Subject nearly concerning all our American Plantations, and highly meriting the Attention of the British Nation at this Juncture.


By the Honourable CADWALLADER COLDEN, Esq;

One of His Majesty’s Counsel, and Surveyor-General



To which are added,

Accounts of the several other Nations of Indians in North-America, their Numbers, Strength, & c. and the Treaties which have been lately made with them.

In Two Volumes.

The Third Edition.


Printed for LOCKYER DAVIS, at Lord Bacon’s Head

in Fleet-street; J. WREN, in Salisbury-Court; and

J. WARD, in Cornhill, opposite the Royal-Exchange.


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