Item of the Day: America Painted to the Life (1658)

Full Title:

America Painted to the Life. A True History of the originall undertakings of the advancement of Plantations into those parts, with a perfect relation of our ENGLISH Discoveries, shewing their beginning, progress, and continuance, from the year, 1628, to 1658. declaring the forms of their Government, Policies, Religions, Manners, Customes, Military Discipline, Warres with the INDIANS, the Commodities of their Countries, a Description of their Townes, and Havens, the increase of their trading with the names of their Governours and Magistrates. More Especially an absolute Narrative of the North parts of AMERICA, and of the discoveries and plantations of our English in NEW-ENGLAND. Written by Sir FERDINANDO GORGES Knight and Governour of the Fort and Island of Plimouth in DEVONSHIRE, one of the first and cheifest promoters of those Plantations. Publisht since his decease, by his Grand-child Ferdinando Gorges, Esquire, who hath much enlarged it and added severall accurate Descriptions of his owne. A work now at last exposed for the publick good, to stir up the heroick and active spirits of these times, to benefit their Country, and Eternize their names by such honourable attempts. For the Readers clearer understanding of the Country’s they are lively described in a compleat and exquisite Map. Vivit post funera virtus.

Written by Sir Ferdinando Gorges. Printed in London by E. Brudenell for Nathaniel Brook dwelling at the Angel in Corn-hill, 1658.

Bound with:

A Briefe Narration of the Originall Undertakings of the Advancement of Plantations into the parts of America. Especially, Shewing the begining, progress and continuance of that of New-England. Written by the right Worshipfull, Sir Ferdinando Gorges Knight and Governour of the Fort and Island of Plymouth in DEVONSHIRE.

Written by Sir Ferdinando Gorges. Printed in London by E. Brudenell for Nath. Brook at the Angell in Corn-hill, 1658.


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