This blog was the interactive home of the Eighteenth-Century Reading Room of the Mina Rees Library at the City University of NY Graduate Center. In this space, we published highlights from the collection, displayed images, and provided contact information for scholars with an interest in the available materials.

The Reading Room promoted eighteenth-century scholarship in the following ways:

  • introducing scholars to materials relevant to their research
  • curating exhibitions of materials in library display cases
  • hosting lectures, discussions, and social gatherings
  • holding periodic “welcome sessions” for interested students
  • providing an environment for courses on research methods and textual history
  • supplying images as visual aids for article and book publication

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  3. Fantastic site. Stumbled across it. Thanks for providing this kind of information on line.

    Rene Tyree

  4. balkan

    Yes. Fantastic site. Glad I stumbled across it.

  5. Rev. John Love

    Great site! I am always looking for homilies, instructions and sermons that treat the relationship of religion with science, medicine and medical education.

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